BC Social Enterprise Day of Learning

We are excited to be a part of enterprising non-profit’s (enp) Day of Learning on March 27.  We are delivering two workshops as a part of this day: Turning Your Social Enterprise Strategy into Action Assessing and Managing Risk for Your Social Enterprise.

Workshops for Social Enterprises in May

We are excited to be offering two workshops in partnership with enp (enterprising non-profits): Wednesday, May 3, 5-7:30pm:  Turning Your Social Enterprise Strategy into Action Wednesday, May 17, 5-7:30pm: Risk Management for Social Enterprise For more information and to register, go to enp Social Enterprise Socials

Propellor Social Enterprise Advisors launches

While we have been working with non-profits and social enterprises for the last number of years, we are pleased to announce the new name of our consulting venture – Propellor Social Enterprise Advisors. We look forward to engaging and working with many more non-profits and social enterprises in the months to come!