Tradeworks Training Society

Tradeworks Training Society helps foster sustainable independence by providing job-related skills training, counseling and work opportunities. Tradeworks has been offering training and employment programs in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver since 1994.

Tradeworks had recently acquired a wood fabrication shop and youth training and employment program from VANOC and RONA following the 2010 Winter Olympics. They needed a strategic business plan to provide them with direction for this enterprise, supported by an assessment of market opportunities required to make this a viable ongoing enterprise.

Our team led the Tradeworks team through a process of:

  • assessing the current state of the wood fabrication shop to understand its current cost structure and key opportunities and constraints
  • completing an assessment of potential opportunity areas by customer and product segments in the wood products industry to identify a shortlist of 4 opportunity areas to pursue
  • completing an initial operations plan, 3-year financial projection and marketing and sales plan required to achieve target outcomes
  • defining a 90-day Action Plan for implementing the plan and to confirm the overall strategic direction of the wood fabrication enterprise.

Tradeworks was able to pursue specific customer segments to increase its sales. However, more importantly, Tradeworks undertook a key decision to significantly reduce the planned scale of this enterprise and to to more closely integrate it with another division within the organization. This decision was driven by the financial analysis, assessment and strategic decision-making framework provided to them by our team.

Download the Tradeworks Training Society case study PDF