Jewish Family Service Agency

The Jewish Family Service Agency (JFSA) provides expert immigration advice and referral services to individuals and families seeking to relocate to Canada through a venture called Immigration Consulting Services (ICS).

JFSA had the challenge of developing a plan to increase revenue from ICS and to determine if this social enterprise concept would, over the long term, provide a sustainable and significant financial contribution to the organization.

Propellor led the JFSA team through a rigorous process which included:

  • Completing an initial assessment of ICS’s current state financials and operations, and articulation of its goals and targets
  • Identifying potential opportunities and target markets for ICS
  • Completing an assessment of specific opportunity areas and developing initial revenue projections as well as key implications on operations, costs and allocation of organizational resources
  • Developing a 90-day Action Plan for pursuing the opportunity areas.

JFSA’s Executive Director was able to develop a clear picture of the ICS operation and understand the opportunities, costs and risks associated with the concept.  More importantly, JFSA recognized the need to confirm and articulate the organization’s priorities and how ICS fit within the overall vision and mission.