Counterpoint Academy

exterior view of carepoint academyClient
Counterpoint Academy is a non-profit independent elementary school serving Canadian and International children with diverse learning challenges and needs.

Counterpoint’s Board of Directors and the School Principal identified major strategic challenges facing the organization. The existing school facility had reached capacity, effectively capping any further growth in terms of enrolment or the addition of new programs and services. Like many non -profit organizations, Counterpoint was also dealing with how to ensure long-term sustainability of the organization, without relying on fundraising campaigns or government grants.

Bob Prenovost guided the progressive development and implementation of Counterpoint’s strategic plan in consultation with the Board of Directors and the Academy’s management team. Over a period of four years, Bob successfully completed a series of complex, interrelated projects including:

  • The relocation of the Academy to a restored 25,000 sq. ft. historic school building. Bob negotiated an innovative development and financing agreement with a private real estate developer and managed every aspect of the project, including the restoration and renovation of the building.
  • The creation of two for profit enterprises that served as revenue generators for the organization
  • The acquisition and renovation of a 7000 sq. ft. building for the opening of a second Counterpoint Academy location
  • The development and implementation of a comprehensive marketing and sales plan
  • The selection and implementation of a CRM system
  • The development and implementation of an enterprise risk assessment and management plan

The relocation of the school to the new building significantly increased enrolment capacity and allowed the faculty to offer new programs and services, including a licensed day care facility. The acquisition of the second location enhanced Counterpoint’s ability to serve children and families in a geographically distinct market and increased the organization’s revenues. The creation of revenue producing and asset holding sister companies under the Counterpoint brand stabilized the organization’s financial structure and provided for sustainable operations without any need for fundraising or grants. The enterprise risk assessment and management plan resulted in enhanced asset and human security and lower overall cost of risk, including more comprehensive and cost effective insurance coverage for insurable risks.

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