Workshops for Social Enterprises in May

We are excited to be offering two workshops in partnership with enp (enterprising non-profits): Wednesday, May 3, 5-7:30pm:  Turning Your Social Enterprise Strategy into Action Wednesday, May 17, 5-7:30pm: Risk Management for Social Enterprise For more information and to register, go to enp Social Enterprise Socials

BC Social Enterprise Day of Learning

We are excited to be a part of enterprising non-profit’s (enp) Day of Learning on March 27.  We are delivering two workshops as a part of this day: Turning Your Social Enterprise Strategy into Action Assessing and Managing Risk for Your Social Enterprise.

Propellor Social Enterprise Advisors launches

While we have been working with non-profits and social enterprises for the last number of years, we are pleased to announce the new name of our consulting venture – Propellor Social Enterprise Advisors. We look forward to engaging and working with many more non-profits and social enterprises in the months to come!